healing beyond love light and whale music

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by Persephone Moir


I want to talk to you about healing, about bliss, and how it is rarely clean, sparkly or relaxing, yet how it can be deeply ground shakingly ecstatic.

Do you know the song by En Vogue Don’t let go (love) If you don’t then go find it, play it and come back to me in 5 minutes…


Ok so if you are anything like me you will have grabbed the nearest hairbrush and lip synced your heart out, what if I was to tell you that by the end of a session with me you will be full on belting it out, vocal tricks and all!

Why? Not because I have some crazy magic that will make you an awesome singer like Terry Ellis, but because you will be able to take the lyrics of that song and let it become your ballad to yourself, you will be flowing with a love that powers you up to sing your heart out with passion.

As a massage therapist I am constantly met with incredulous comments that I work to music other than the plinky plonky music associated with healing. Chimes, gongs, the odd chant or whale song. But my kind of healing, and your kind of healing isn’t and doesn’t have to be in that format.

The line in this song “there’ll be some love making, heart breaking, soul shaking love” Really sums up what a session with me is all about, it will shake you up, it will break you open and get rid of the shit that is holding you back. Yes, it might not be pretty, but ask yourself would you give up one session of soul shaking love making for a month of 10-minute lights off run of the mill sex? No, so why do the same with your massage?

The energy that is created from a couple of hours divine lomi style massage energised by the likes of The prodigy, or a kick arse set by Carl Cox is like nothing you will ever normally experience, the highs you will experience whilst floating with Primal Scream or Delirium will lift you to places you didn’t even know you had within yourself. Because this sort of work is supported by the deeper rhythms found within this music, and the message within the lyrics is nearly always a beautiful trigger to allow those feelings to bubble up and be released.

Another line in this song  “You have the right to lose control” This is what these sessions are all about, although it is beyond a right, it is a soul invitation, it is a safe, beautiful space where you are held so you can experience the sort of bliss that is your right, but that fear, lived experience and social conditioning has taken away from you.

And then “Don’t you wanna be, more than friends” This line just screams out all the limitaions of the whole be your own best friend stuff that is banded about. Yeah, do that, and be more than that, it is so watered down. Yes check the language you use when thinking about yourself, but really, for the big change to happen you have got be more than friends with yourself, you gotta love every aspect of yourself, dark bits, light bits, bits that you are ashamed of, bits that you hide from, you have gotta love yourself like you are your biggest passion, and that takes breaking through your own bullshit and stories, and believe me Prodigy is gonna help you do that far more than any whale song!

There is a deep and dirty oozy gorgeousness to be found within music that is what really gets to you, anyone can dance to the beat of the bass, but look deeper and you will find layer upon layer of interest, and that is where the good stuff is, that is why I can massage to drum and bass as well as Einaudi, music is music, and there is always something to be found and it is the same with people, look beyond the obvious and find the real beauty woven in, deeper and deeper.

So, it is not just the music, or the body work, it is a deeper healing that is available to you if you have the courage to step away from the norm. There is nothing wrong with a relaxing massage with chants and chimes, I can do that too, but the clients that stumble out of a session with me glazed over, drunk on bliss, have been bold enough to try something different, and the result for them is so much more than just relaxation. They are taken on a journey within by myself, by the music and allowed to unwind parts of them they didn’t even know existed, and it really is soul shaking deliciousness!

As you have probably now realised this healing is multi-faceted weird as fuck magic, which is why I now realise it is available to you even if you can not come to me in person, because this sort of healing is on a vibrational, energetic level beyond that of physical touch, so I am super excited to bring it to you via the modern magic of technology!

I have teamed up my deep understanding of energetic healing of body work, the vibrational power of music and the brain body connection to develop a hypnosis that will take you on a similar journey of deep bliss that my in person body work offers. It came from a need to be able to continue my work in a virtual capacity (thank you 2020) but has shaken me to my core at how beautiful and connected it really is, it has opened my eyes to the true magic of healing, and yep it is still soul shaking deeply blissful and not a whale song to be heard!

Euphoric bliss hypnosis is not just a pivot offering due to covid restrictions, I have been determined not to water down what I do with a half arsed online offering, it connects us on an energetic level to do the deep blissful work that is at the centre of my body work. It is like a guided meditation, yet not like any meditation you have ever had. To start with I need to know you, know what you desire, know what you fear, know what you love, because in my knowing this you too will have this knowing. Then with permission I will take you into a deep trance state using hypnosis where I will then take you on an astral body experience that will have your flesh and bone body feeling all the feels. If you want to know more about how this will work then get in touch and find out more.

Deep blissful massage, it is available to you wherever you are. Don’t settle for the norm, be bold, go deep, let go, lose control and come out the other side a different version of you that is literally glowing from within! And yeah, after all that, you know you will be belting out 90’s RnB tracks without a care in the world, feeling every beat every lyric, every groove not giving a hoot if you sound like Aretha or an alley cat, because you will love every part of it, and that is all that matters!






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